Faith and Confidence Chapter No 8222

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Faith and Confidence Royal Arch Chapter No 8222 was consecrated on 16th April 1974 and, like the Lodge, was "founded for the convenience of Past and Present Members of the Royal Army Pay Corps". Today, of course, it is open to all Master Masons and joining members from any Lodge or other Royal Arch Chapter. Indeed our membership is comprised of members from a number of different Lodges and Provinces.

Why join the Royal Arch?

The Royal Arch is the culmination of that four-staged journey through “Pure Antient Masonry” as set out and defined in the Book of Constitutions. Following the Act of Union between the two opposing Grand Lodges in 1813, the Preliminary Declaration was deemed acceptable to both Constitutions and is set out on Page 1.

The Craft teaches us a moral code by which we should conduct ourselves and gives its members eminently practical rules by which they can live their lives based on the solid foundations of Freemasonry – the five points of fellowship and the three great principles of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth. In the Craft, we are taught to consider our worldly attributes – our relationship with fellow man and society at large and those less fortunate than ourselves.

However, man is not simply a practical being but has an essential spiritual aspect to his nature. This we pursue in the Royal Arch in which a candidate, without trespassing on the bounds of religion, is invited to explore further his spiritual awareness and his declared belief in his Supreme Being. Thus the Royal Arch leads the candidate from the practical to the spiritual and completes “Pure Antient Masonry”, a fascinating journey of self-knowledge and even self-discovery beginning with the Entered Apprentice degree in the Craft and culminating in the First Principal’s chair of his Holy Royal Arch Chapter.